Teacher: Mrs. Mikki Yates

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Mrs. Mikki Yates has taught at St. James School since 1995.  She taught Kindergarten for one year and has taught first grade to present.  Before teaching at St. James Mrs. Yates taught at St. Patrick's School in Rockford.  She started teaching there in 1978 as the third grade teacher.  She taught third grade for many years then started the Preschool program for 3-4 year olds.  Mrs. Yates taught Kindergarten until the closing of St. Patrick's.

Mrs. Yates is a St. Bernadette and Boylan graduate.  She graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  After her marriage to Art she moved to Winnebago where her husband grew up.  They both enjoy working outside keeping their yard and flower beds growing and free of weeds.  During her spare time she enjoys reading all types of books especially mysteries.  They enjoy spending time with their families.  Since they don't have children of their own they spoil their nieces and nephew and the students in her classroom.

It is fun to see the smiles and the look "I got it!" on her student's faces.  She encourages her students to believe in themselves.  Also that it is ok to make mistakes because we all do, we just need to learn from them.  It is very important that we accept each other for who we are and to show kindness towards others.  Favorite sayings are "A smile goes a long way," and "God made us all individuals," and "We are great gift to others."

In the classroom she encourages her students to keep trying even when a task seems difficult.  It is important to try things themselves first and then with help when needed.  She is so proud of her students when they are excited with their success.