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Teacher: Mrs Carrie Lee

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Mrs. Carrie Lee is in her tenth year of teaching.  She has taught 4th grade (2 years), 5th grade (1 year), and is currently in her 7th year teaching 2nd grade.  Mrs. Lee is the proud mom of a two year old daughter, an almost one year old son, and a new little one due this winter.  She has been married to her husband for almost three years in October.  Mrs. Lee recently graduated with her Master's Degree and is now a certified Reading Specialist.

In her free time, Mrs. Lee loves to read, play the flute, be with her family, run and work on her scrapbooks.  She also plays volleyball and has coached at the high school and middle school levels in the Rockford Dicocese.

Mrs. Carrie Lee loves to teach second graders.  It is fun getting them ready to make their First Reconciliation and Communion.  She does a lot of fun activities throughout  the year such as creating a classroom ocean, learning about the human body systems, make box-o-sauruses and learning about Native American tribes.  She also teaches her students cursive, reading fluency, math facts, and all about the world around them.

Mrs. Lee believes that all children should enjoy going to school, feel safe and that they should be challenged at their individual levels.  Children should be able to express themselves creatively while they are learning the curriculum.