Teacher: Miss Mary Murphy

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Miss Murphy grew up on a farm near Rockford.  She graduated from St. Patrick's grade school, Boylan High School, and Edgewood College with a BS  in Mathematics.  After graduating from college, she returned to Rockford and taught at St. Patrick's School.  She started teaching at St. James in 1995.  She is starting her 40th year of teaching. Miss Murphy teaches middle school math and science.  She is presently the moderator of chess club.

In her spare time she enjoys bike riding, reading, playing chess, and playing other board games.  She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

In her classroom Miss Murphy encourages her students to use the gifts and talents that God has given them to do their best.  Gifts and talents are utilized with students doing mnay hands-on activities in math and science.  She shares her love of biking by going on two bike trips with the students during the school year.

She believes in the committment to Catholic education that is found at St. James.  She realizes that this committment is a partnership between home and school.  Miss Murphy helps students to develop good study habits that will help the students to be successful.  With the support of parents these study habits can be reinforced at home.

She feels privilaged to work at St. James with the students and staff.