St. James Education Commission

The purpose of the Education Commission is to act as a consultative body to the pastor/principal of St. James Catholic School. The Education Commission consists of six student body parents. Presently, there are six members appointed by the pastor/principal of St. James School.

The Education Commission steers five main committees, which offer advice to the operation of the school. These include Buildings and Grounds, Curriculum, Finance/Long Range Planning, Marketing, and Policy and Review.

The Education Commission meets monthly and encourages attendance. Please verify the meeting date and time with the principal or any Commission member if you are interested in attending (or see the school calendar). If you have an interest in joining the Education Commission, please contact the principal.


President: Chrissy Axe

Vice-President: Manuel Acuna

Secretary: Julia Haugen

Other Commision Members:

Jim Doss

Vince Kelly

Jason Pittaway

Leslie Haney

Laura Kenrick

Kristen Dal Santo