In Kindergarten students are provided the opportunity to actively engage in class through many hands-on activities surrounded by a safe, loving, and faith-centered learning environment.  St. James is implementing the new Illinois Common Core Standards which will prepare students for success after high school.  In math the students learn about graphs, writing numbers, counting objects, shapes, money, weight, balance, and patterns.  During reading students begin to read and write.

1st Grade
First grade students learn to follow the example of Jesus by helping others, sharing and caring for others.  They learn to work independently and learn skills for their future.  Reading books on their own brings them great pride in themselves. 

2nd Grade
In second grade students prepare for first Holy Communion and first Reconciliation.  They also participate in several fun hands-on projects such as the ocean, Box-o-sauruses, and the human body.  Students are learning math facts, practicing reading fluency, and using the SMART Board on a daily basis.

3rd Grade
The St. James 3rd grade class focuses on skills that will help prepsre students for the future, and focus on God's message to take care of our environment.  Academics are also emphasized and the students are introduced to many new and exciting concepts, including cursive writing, multiplication, and division.  Critial thinking skills and oral and written expression are developed through the use of a reading textbook, chapter books, and a variety of quality literature.

Fourth Grade
Fourth grade at St. James Catholic School encompasses working with technology, learning about the regions of the United States and conquering many new concepts in math.  Field trips are taken to learn more about specific topics being studied.  Most importantly students learn about God’s commandments for us to live our lives to expand his kingdom.

5th Grade
In fifth grade, students turn a corner regarding their level of responsibilities and are encouraged to become independent learners while coming to understand the need for self-discipline. As the middle school grades approach, experiences at this grade level give our students a firm foundation on which to build. They are given many opportunities to nurture their friendship with Christ, and participate in many team-building activities as they learn to become positive Christian citizens of their community.