6th Grade
Sixth grade is an exciting year as students enter Middle School.  Students grow in their Catholic faith as they explore the question "Who is God?" by reading stories of the Old Testament and by participating in service projects.  Students learn about the world God has gifted us with through the study of ancient civilizations and the earth sciences.  Math and language arts are enhanced, as well as, technological skills needed for today's world.

7th Grade
Seventh grade is a confidence-building year.  In Religion students explore the question of who is Jesus by studying the four gospels and participating in service projects.  In Social Studies students begin to learn about United States history including the Constitution of the United States.  In science the students build and launch rockets, study Newton's laws of motion and design, build and test bridges for strength.  In Language arts and Math they continue to work on skills necessary to live in the world.

8th Grade
As 8th graders, students are the leaders of the school.  As the grand finale to an outstanding learning experience, eighth grade truly does give the students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and creativity in a variety of ways and methods. The students build houses with Miss Murphy and cap off the year with an always very memorable field trip into the city of Chicago.