Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

We collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house.

So how many cans are you throwing in the recycle bin every day? (I know you aren't throwing them in the trash, right?) Take a second to pull the tab off before you toss the can and start your own collection for your local Ronald McDonald House. This is a great way to start training your kids to think of others and give back in the community.

Unlike the urban legend states, pop tabs do not support medical treatment of any kind including chemotherapy or dialysis; however, pop tabs do support the operations of Ronald McDonald Houses across the country. This popular fundraiser benefits seriously ill children by helping provide a place for them and their families to stay while they are out of town for medical treatment.

The tab of an aluminum can is pure aluminum unlike the rest of the can, which contains paint and other residue. Recycling the tabs generates proceeds to donate to a local Ronald McDonald House. The tabs do not pay for treatment or night stays - only house operations.

Pop tabs are small and convenient to collect. Hundreds of thousands of pop tabs have been collected to benefit Ronald McDonald Houses.

Start collecting pop tabs for a good cause. You can turn them into the school. Mrs. Beaman has many 5 gallon water jugs to fill up. At the end of each school year, we bring all the pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in Madison, WI.

Ronald McDonald House - Pop Tabs

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Faculty Coordinator:  Rose Beaman