St. James believes that each child is unique and created in God’s own image. We, therefore, offer developmentally appropriate Christ-centered, Catholic education. We partner with families to provide the best possible start for your child. The preschool staff are licensed, experienced teachers with a strong love for early education.

Children learn through play and discovery. Through this hands-on integrated learning environment we support the child’s growth in: 

  • Spiritual development – Learning to pray
  • Social Development – Programs to help children get ready for school
  • Emotional Development – Themes to encourage curiosity, self-direction and persistence
  • Language Development – Reading readiness programs to introduce the alphabet using letterforms, sounds and words
  • Literacy Development – Learning the alphabet in many different fun ways
  • Preschool math skills – Compare, order, arrange, size, and learn to count
  • Cognitive Development – Learn shapes and colors