What is Scrip?
Scrip Gift Certificates earn money for Catholic Education. Retailers sell the Scrip at a discount to St. James. You purchase the Certificates at face value.  Scrip is used at stores just like money.  Every purchase earns tuition credit for your family. .

How many of you spend at least $75 a week on groceries?
How many of you spend $50 a month on clothing?
How many of you spend $75 a week on gasoline?
How many of you spend $50 a month dining out?
Now, convert the weekly expenditures to monthly expenditures.
Food - $75/week x 4 =     $300/month
Clothing - $ 50/month
Gas - $75/week x 4 =     $300/month
Dining out - $ 50/month
Total - $700/month x 12 months = $8400/year

The average portion of each scrip purchase that is earned by St. James with every scrip purchase is 5%. An average family, using these modest spending levels, would earn $420 each year for St. James. A family that works at the program by focusing their spending on scrip participating retailers with higher percentages can earn much more! 90% of the proceeds you earn are credited to your tuition. Using our example; you would earn $378 of tuition money for your family. There’s no limit to the credits you can earn!

There are two convenient ways to participate!
1. Scrip Backpack! Send in an order (with payment) using the Scrip Order Form below. Orders placed by noon on Monday will be sent home on Friday. The Scrip will be sent home with your child at the end of class on Friday.

2. ShopWithScrip! is a free online scrip management tool from Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC). It allows families to place their own scrip orders online. ShopWithScrip makes ordering a breeze for families by ordering a complete listing of retailers carried by GLSC, as well as any local retailer’s scrip products. You can look up a number of reports for your family, including your order and rebate history. Basically, ShopWithScrip makes ordering easier. It’s a one-stop shop for all things scrip!

 Why should I use ShopWithScrip! ShopWithScrip is so convenient to use! It’s more accurate than traditional order forms, because discounts, products, and denominations are updated immediately by GLSC as changes occur. You can review images of each product, and find information about where and how gift cards can be used. With participating retailers, you can RELOAD funds onto gift cards you already own, and print your own ScripNow eGiftCards in minutes when you pay for your order online with PrestoPay. You won’t have to wait for a physical card to ship – perfect for last-minute purchases! Plus, you can place your orders literally any time of the day and night, 365 days a year, from any internet-connected computer or device!

If you have any questions on Scrip, please call Jim Doss at 815-218-9032, Peter Smith 815-227-4616 or the School Office 815-962-8515.

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List of Retailers that offer Reloadable Cards

List of Retailers that offer ScripNow eGiftCards

Scrip Order Form (for backpack program)