Snap and Scrap

Come join in on the fun. If you love to take pictures and show off your work,

this club is for you.

 Participants will receive a disposable camera and list of photos to take PRIOR

to the first club meeting. They will have one week in which to take the photographs

and have the film developed. Developed photos should be brought to the first class

where we will journal with them and arrange them in small scrapbooks. Everyone will

have specific photos to take as well as photos of their choice. Cameras will be

supplied, as well as all materials needed for scrapbooking. The cost of developing

the photos is not included.


Cameras and photo details will be given to participants prior to the first meeting.

The club will include an after school snack and juice.

Club is available to students in grades 4th through 8th.


Limit of 12 participants for this club.