Wish Lists

Wish Lists for the Classrooms and School


Frames for 16 Character Posters sized (24inx20in) black 1 inch frames




Paper towels

Chalkboard chalk

Dry erase markers and erasers


CD/Tape player

Chalkboard line maker

First Grade

Headphones for computers

Spray for cleaning desks

Extra pencils

Coloring books

Handi wipes

Cleaning duster for computers

Flashmasters (http://www.flashmaster.com/)

Second Grade

glue bottles


glue sticks


more books for classroom library (any)


chart stickers


rug for reading area


milk crates for storage


gift cards for 3Rs for supplies


new curtains for classroom (would it be possible to get curtains and a rod put in instead???? these blinds do not do much!)


dry erase board to mount to wall and chalkboard


large smartboard to be mounted to chalkboard instead of portable (I am dreaming BIG on this one lol)

Third Grade

-early chapter books or 3rd grade level books

-dry erase markers

-overhead projector markers 

-large or jumbo sized book covers (12)

-chart paper (lined or unlined)

Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade

Class Subscription to Scholastic News
Four Globes


Funds for Camp Atwood


Six Large Rock Kits 

Sixth Grade

Blinds for classroom (see teacher for more details)

Digital camera for use in the school

Black Sharpies

Paper Towels

Fantastik Lemon Power:  All purpose cleaner 32 OZ.

Swiffer Dusters

Dry correction tapes

Seventh Grade

Magic Erasers

Food coloring

Baby oil

Vegetable oil

Paper towels

Permanent Markers (all colors)

Wood Glue


Eighth Grade


wall mounted TV in the library for large group work  


also a wall mounted TV in the Gr. 5 reading room (resource room) 


Lastly, Amazon gift cards to purchase misc books throughout the year as needed, esp older Newbery/Caudill winners which are sometimes hard to find.




Elmer's glue sticks 

Acryllic paints, any color, craft tube size

#2 pencils, Ticonderoga brand

Assorted craft beads

Sharpie Markers- all colors 

Anything interesting- check with Mrs. Greco before donating


TV for computer lab use (whole class)

Flat Screen Monitors

Laptops/Ipads for student use

Company/business that replaces their computers every two years or so that could donate  their older computers to our school.  (Woodward Governor may have done this in the past)



Physical Education Mrs. Weightman

2 large dry erase boards 

Pickleball equipment 2 or 3 sets ($50-$100 a set)

6 large size scooters with heavy duty wheels

Stability Scooters (Gopher equipment catalog)

Anti-ti triangular scooters $289- 6 multicolored heavy duty wheels

Replacement tough skin high density multi use foam soccer balls $30 a piece, 4-6 needed

Pull up bars for rack in the gym


Oven Mitts at least 13 inches long

Aprons, short with pockets



Paper Towels

409 Cleaner refill

Baby Hand Wipes (simply Right)

Room Plugins

12 quart Sterilite Clear Containers

Coloring books

Snacks (40 Servings)

Playground balls

Board games (see ESP)