Welcome St. James Families!

You may submit photos in any form (photo, dvd, cd, jump drive) Digital is best.
You can email them to my email address yearbook@stjamesrockford.org .
We collect pictures all year long for the yearbook.
Turn them into the office in an envelope marked "Yearbook."
A few tips to keep in mind:
If at all possible, submit the photos on a CD or DVD.
Digital is much easier to work with for better quality on the yearbook pages.
You can now have film developed right to a CD at most of your local film places.
If you want the photos or DVD's returned to you, please make a note of it with your name and
 your child's name.
If the photos reflect specific event, (ie: a 4th grade field trip) please note what event it is, and
what grade.
I will accept all photos at all times, though they may not be returned until the end of the school
We cannot use all photos, but we try to!!
I will be making an 8th grade DVD for graduation. Please start sending me photos NOW for
 this project. I want photos from K-8 for all kids in the current 8th grade class.
If you have any questions or suggestions for the yearbook, please don’t hesitate to email Andrea Burns at yearbook@stjamesrockford.org .  We are open to any and all ideas!  Thank you!!